Everybody Loves Everybody

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Everybody Loves Everybody is an app, created by a woman that allows users to give and get consent. As well as ban photos, videos, etc during a sexual encounter. Definitely useful in today’s time, to prevent photo leaks and hurtful gossip. Our main goal is to help protect reputations now and in the future when false accusations could occur. The app also features an agreement that is useful in business and social settings to provide privacy and confidentiality. It also gives updates on movies and events. We are patent pending and have been featured on TMZ.

Four lucky start-ups will be selected to present at our RipTide finale event on November 9th.  So if you like this idea and think it should make the final, please add your comments and rating below.  The more positive comments a start-up gets, the more likely it will be picked to be a finalist.

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