Sculpt by Emily Tyson


After the birth of my first baby, I suffered immense postpartum depression. I just felt stuck. Over the course of the first year of my daughter’s life, I took my background in dance and Pilates and began creating workout routines set to music. What started as an at home practice for myself has grown into fitness classes that I now teach for others. I teach about 6 classes a week and create and curate every single movement and playlist. My classes are very much about connecting to the breath and the power within us, I use positive upbeat music and heat to generate sweat. My SCULPT class is a form of therapy, both physical and mental that I used to heal myself, and I am now fortunate enough to share with others. The foundation of my class is very supportive, all inclusive, with the approach that anyone can do this, they just need to start. I want people, especially women, to feel empowered through movement. It is particularly important to me to show mothers how to reconnect with their bodies post birth. I currently have a dedicated and wonderful tribe of people moving with me every week. My dream is to be able to open my very own studio and create the space I know I could turn into a true community.

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