Sweet Vineyards

Retail, Food & Beverage

If you can’t drink a cocktail, eat one! Sweet Vineyards is a company that extended from The Italian Cookie House. It represents a line of sweet indulgence that are infused with a special blend of different wines. Every bite brings the essence of the vineyards to each product that can satisfy the sophisticated palate of any wine lover. The biscotti line is the first of many to be sold retail. Called Cocktail Biscotti, each biscotti is flavored by a blend of wines to depict the flavor of various cocktails and wines. The infusion reduction cooks out the alcohol, but , the intense flavors are left behind. So there is no alcohol content in the finished products.Some examples include the White Wine Biscotti for which are flavored with a blend of sweet white wines and infused with vanilla and mild citrus undertones, as well as, the most popular Margarita Biscotti.

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